My Experience Survey - The Process

The survey was completed at the end of Spring Semester 2019 and the data was analyzed and reviewed during Fall Semester 2019. Nonetheless, the results remain relevant and become even more so as our nation, state, and campus face increased disparate impacts from the ripple effects of COVID-19 and subsequent calls for racial justice.

The findings elucidate persistent challenges that are an indictment of the status quo.  The My Experience survey results must now be used to inform campus initiatives and recommendations, policy and programmatic changes, and financial and other resource investments that will institutionalize accountability at all levels for the findings.

Students at Sather Gate

Survey Development Group (2018-2019)

  • Andrew Eppig, Division of Equity & Inclusion
  • Oscar Dubon, Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion
  • Mia Settles-Tidwell, Chief of Staff Division of Equity & Inclusion
  • Tongshan Chang, Director, Institutional Research and Academic Planning, UCOP
  • Karie Frasch, Director, Office of Faculty Equity & Welfare
  • Marc Goulden, Director of Data Initiatives, Office of Faculty Equity & Welfare
  • Kena Hazelwood-Carter, President, Graduate Assembly
  • Sharon Inkelas, Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on SVSH
  • Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor, Psychology
  • Andrew Smith, Assistant Dean for Research and Planning, Graduate Division
  • Angy Stacey, Associate Vice Provost (Retired), Office of Faculty Equity and Welfare
  • Jeff Royal, Institutional Researcher Graduate Division
  • Linda von Hoene, Assistant Dean for Professional Development, Graduate Division

Survey Release Steering Team (2020)

  • Andrew Eppig, Institutional Researcher, Division of Equity & Inclusion

  • Karie Frasch, Director Office of Faculty Equity & Welfare

  • Janet Gilmore, Public Affairs

  • Diana Harvey, Assistant Vice Chancellor Public Affairs

  • Sharon Inkelas, Associate Vice Provost, Office of Faculty Equity and Welfare & Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on SVSH

  • Sunny Lee, Dean of Students Office

  • Sandra Messick, Communications, Division of Equity & Inclusion

  • Sara Quigley, Visualization Specialist, Graduate Division

  • Jeff Royal, Institutional Researcher, Graduate Division

  • Mia Settles-Tidwell, Chief of Staff, Division of Equity & Inclusion

  • Villy Somthida, Administrative Officer, Division of Equity & Inclusion
  • Denzil Streete, Chief of Staff and Assistant Dean, Graduate Division

The survey results offered recurring themes in the following areas:

  • Centering the experiences of marginalized and underrepresented groups

  • Re-culturing to reduce exclusionary behaviors - with particular attention to those occurring in peer-to-peer social situations

  • Addressing basic needs at all levels

  • Institutionalizing mentorship & leadership opportunities

  • Building and sustaining institutional trust

Berkeley Engineering Staff & Faculty

We have approached the release of the survey results with the following values:

  • Transparency - using disaggregated data that is accessible and reliable, aligned to action, accountability, and measurable outcomes;

  • Agency - providing customizable unit-level findings for multiple audiences to engage with the data while maintaining the anonymity of survey participants;

  • Alignment- aligning initiatives, reports and committee recommendations to experiences from the campus community as articulated in the survey results;

  • Institutional transformation - using the survey findings to inform changes in policies, procedures, and practices that will improve the campus experience and foster a culture of belonging.
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