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UC Berkeley's My Experience survey was available to all undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students; faculty and academic appointees; and staff from March 4 - May 10, 2019.   The survey is a follow-up to earlier campus climate surveys and part of its campus strategic plan.

Designed by and for the Berkeley community, this confidential survey provides data to assess the experiences people have on campus and inform policies and platforms for change at the campus, department, office, program, and classroom levels.

Class of 2023 - Photo taken of 2019 incoming students forming the Call Bear on the stadium field

55,764 people were invited to take the survey

Responded: 12,108 (22 percent)

  • Undergraduate students:  20 percent

  • Graduate students:  20 percent

  • Postdoctoral students:  13 percent

  • Faculty:  55 percent

  • Academic Employees:  12 percent

  • Staff:  29 percent

UC Berkeley Staff

General Campus Climate

Eighty-two percent of survey takers find the campus climate comfortable. One in four reported experiencing exclusionary behaviors and one in five have experienced bullying behaviors.

Students in wheelchair coming through Sather Gate.

Presentations and Discussion Sessions

Scheduling in progress

Professor giving a lecture in front of chalk board
Students studying in the new open spaces in Moffitt Library.

Experience Housing Insecurity

  • 54 percent of postdocs

  • 48 percent of graduate students

  • 41 percent of undergraduates

  • 43 percent of the staff 

Experience Food Insecurity

  • 9 percent of undergraduates

  • 24 percent of graduate students

  • 16 percent of postdocs

  • 16 percent of staff