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The My Experience survey results were released to the campus community on Feb 25, 2021. The project, which  was launched in Spring 2019, queried the entire campus community about their experience. This was the first community-developed, customized survey for the UC Berkeley campus and the first of its kind in the UC system. 

The aim was two-fold. First, to understand the campus experience around key areas that inform the campus climate: academic, interpersonal, health, basic needs, and professional development.  Second, to provide a 360-degree view of the campus experience, including the individual academic and administrative unit level.

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55,764 people were invited to take the survey

12,108 Responded - 22 %

  • Undergraduate students:  20%

  • Graduate students:  20%

  • Postdoctoral students:  13%

  • Faculty:  55%

  • Academic Employees:  12%

  • Staff:  29 percent

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For the majority of respondents, the overall campus experience was positive.

  • 97% agreed that diversity, equity, and inclusion were important values to uphold.

  • 87% reported that diversity, equity, and inclusion are values promoted at Berkeley. 

  • 82% of respondents were comfortable with the climate.

Basic needs - food and housing security - are critical issues for the campus as a whole.

Berkeley's first sign language course - Professor Patrick Boudreault

Over four in five respondents reported their general health as good, very good, or excellent. 

More than half of employees want to become or continue to be leaders in areas of equity, inclusion, and diversity.  

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